Beach Equipment

There have been a few posts about putting storage boxes and equipment into the Cali Beach. Here is our version – it works extremely well. When we are not camping it all comes out and gets stuck in it’s reserved place in the garage ready for the next camping season.


Kampa units ready to go in to the Cali.


Secured on one side with a bungee fitted to one of the floor d-rings.


The bungee goes up one side of the front unit and locks onto the farthest upright on that unit. Another bungee goes from that upright, through the top of the back units and down the other side of the second unit.


And fits onto a floor mounted bracket. Time to assemble – about 2 minutes!


One unit has all the cooking and crockery bits


The other has all the washing essentials – and the whisle kettle



Dry food goes into another camper box


Which fits neatly on the bench seat next to the other two units.


In the back we have a set new of plastic boxes which fit in nicely leaving space for odds and sods.


One thing I will be doing this season is photographing the contents of each box. So it will be a lot easier to locate and relocate stuff.


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