Ramsons, Ramsons Everywhere

We had to pop down to the area around Swansea for a quick visit. The place was carpeted with wild garlic. Walking though the woods it even smelt like you were immersed in a garlic scent bath. The ramson buds were particularly tasty. Here I fried them with our breakfast of ham and eggs – absolutely delicious!

Machete Handle Replacement


Last summer we had a few great garden bonfires. On one occasion one of my son’s friends was chopping some branches for the fire and left the machete on the ground next to the branches.

When it was dark I just picked up the branches and tossed them onto the fire. The next day I was searching around for my machete and couldn’t find it anywhere. I even looked in the fire, but couldn’t see it first time. It was only when I raked through the ashes that I found my (once) lovely machete destroyed! I wanted to put a decent handle back on it – so came up with the idea of using an axe handle – which worked brilliantly.

The picture below shows the end result:


and here’s a video of what I did:

Camping Skillet- Adding a Longer Handle

I wanted to use a nice cast iron frying pan/ skillet for my canoeing and Urban Craft open fire cooking. I ended up using a relatively expensive, redundant frying pan, but the handle was too short – so I added an extension handle. This was made from an old piece of satellite/ tv aerial support pipe. This pipe is hollow – so I can insert a pole to give a really long extension if required.

Video footage for this: